Johannes reads unabridged audio book version of “Die Legenden der Albae”

And this is what it is about: Tungdil Goldhand, the famous hero of the »Zwerge«-series, comes back and embarks on a new adventure with the Albae. Beyond the Sheltered Land lies a forgotten empire. The survivors of the mysterious epidemic under the lead of Caphalor’s friend Aïsolon have withdrawn there. Cut-off by a three-hundert step high protective wall, they wait to becalled to their people in the Sheltered Country. Meanwhile, the triplets Sisaroth, Tirîgon and Firûsha are accused of murder and banned to a subterranean place of horror. Sisaroth meets a dwarf there: Tungdil, who has been trapped in the Black Canyon! This encounter changes the destiny of the Albae and the dwarfs forever …

Be prepared for the long version of “Dunkle Pfade” with more than 21 hours of suspense!


The volumes 1 and 2 are already available at Hörbuch Hamburg as unabridged versions – read by Johannes of course:

Gerechter Zorn (Die Legenden der Albae, volume 1):

Vernichtender Hass (Die Legenden der Albae, volume 2):

In the late summer, volume 4 and the volume of stories “Die vergessenen Schriften” will be published. The complete Albae-Saga as collection will prospectively be available in November.